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Updated 2 September 2008:To change the background of the Speed Dial tab in Opera 9.50, you need to do the following: Go to¬†Tools –> Appearance –> Skin to find out which skin you are using. If it says Opera Standard, you are using the default skin, otherwise, you are using a downloaded skin. Note the […]

By default, Opera 9.50 comes with 9 speed dials when you open a new tab. However, you may have a screen size and resolution that would accomodate more speed dials. For example, to get 4 x 3 speed dials, do the following: Go to Help → About Opera and note the path of your main […]

A common problem with viruses is that they are often extremely difficult to remove. Most of the time, you easily understand that there is something strange about your Windows box (apart from the usual Windows behaviour, that is :D) , so you run a virus scan and indeed, confirm your worry that you have been […]

There are several reasons you should install Ubuntu on a USB flash drive. First of all, a USB memory stick is easier to bring around than a Live CD if you need to install Ubuntu on a computer. But more importantly, by installing the persistent version, not only can you use your USB as a […]

Everyone knows it is a good idea to backup your data. However, the good ol’ copy’n’paste routine is time consuming, inefficient, and prone to errors. By using rsync, you can achieve efficient synchronisation of files as only the change in data will be transferred. For example, you might want to synchronise your home directory, /home/username/, […]

After having used VirtualBox for a while, the actual size of your virtual disk image (VDI) may have grown to become very close to the virtual size. That is, even if your guest machine system reports that it only uses a small amount of disk space, its VDI image filesize is considerably larger. In general, […]

Changing keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu is fairly easy. First, check a rather limited list of commands by opening System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If the task you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to is listed, simply change or assign a desired shortcut to the task and you are done. However, if you are […]

When running Compiz Fusion as the window manager in Ubuntu and having the 3D cube enabled, there is a known bug in the Ubuntu distros that can cause video playback to only display a black or blue screen (the sound is fine). Apparently, the bug has to do with a conflict relating to the video […]

Free online chess at FICS

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If you are tired of playing chess against your computer and/or do not have many friends who can or want to play chess, you may want to check out online chess. Perhaps the most popular free online chess provider is the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). Logging on to one of their servers, you can […]

It would be nice to have a simple way of including Matlab source code in LaTeX documents. Fortunately, Florian Knorn has made an excellent solution with his LaTeX style-file (.sty), which can be downloaded (mcode.sty) at MATLAB Central. You may want to open mcode.sty in a text editor for details on its usage. Basically, what […]