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To export Simulink models/block diagrams to eps or other image formats is easy. First, open your model. Next, use the print function to export to other formats (note the letter ‘s’ that must precede the model name, which is entered without the ‘.mdl’ postfix): For example, to export simmodel.mdl to eps with a resolution of […]

Edit 6 June 2010: Perhaps even easier is to install a WordPress plugin for code markup. In this blog, I use the Syntax Highlighter Evolved plugin, which supports a number of programming languages such as the C-family, Java, PHP, Bash/shell, etc. It is sometimes difficult to add code snippets your blog, for example using Blogger/Blogspot […]

If you find that your laptop touchpad is not working after upgrading to Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, it may be that your SHMConfig is not enabled. ┬áThe official instructions are to open a terminal and enter the following command: Then put this into the file (which was empty in my case): After a reboot, your touchpad […]