You can render LaTeX math expressions in your WordPress blog by installing a plugin such as WP QuickLaTeX. You then place your LaTeX math code in between tags such as

[ math] ... code here ... [/math]


[ tex] ... code here ... [/tex]


[ latex] ... code here ... [/latex]

where you must remove the space at [ math], [ tex], and [ latex] for the plugin to work.

The LaTeX code is formatted and converted to GIF images with a suitable (transparent) background that are inserted in your text. Some examples (again, remove initial spaces):

  • Code for text: [ math] \text{Just ordinary text}[ math]
    Result:  \text{Just ordinary text}
  • Code for LaTeX logo: [ math]\text{\LaTeX}[/math]
    Result:  \text{\LaTeX}
  • Code for math: [ math] f(t,\mathbf{C}_i) = \sum^{t_d+T_h}_{t=t_d} \sum^{N_o}_{c=1} \min_{p \in P} | y^c_t - y^p_t | [/math]
    Result:  f(t,\mathbf{C}_i) = \sum^{t_d+T_h}_{t=t_d} \sum^{N_o}_{c=1} \min_{p \in P} | y^c_t - y^p_t |
  • Inline expression: Pythagoras said that h^2 = k_1^2+k_2^2 for a right-angled triangle.
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