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If you host your domain at Dreamhost, you have a default max upload file size of only 7 MB. This is unfortunate, for example if you want to upload your high-resolution photos or videos. While there are certain hacks floating around on the web, I found the instructions on a blog post by BlueSunray very […]

Transferring large files of data (e.g., several gigabytes) to friends is usually difficult, because email providers commonly limit the size of email attachments to only 10-30 MB. One way around this is to use Opera Unite, which I have written about before, to share data from your local hard drive and effectively have your computer […]

I recently had a problem with my usually excellent Dropbox. Particular files, such as KeepassX files (*.kdb), BibTeX files (*.bib), and MS Office files (*.xls, *.doc) would not upload from my Ubuntu machine at home. On my other three machines at work running Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac OS X, everything runs smoothly. At first, I […]