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Veusz: Scientific plots and graphs

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I have tried various tools for making scientific plots and graphs in my papers and have almost exclusively used Matlab, mainly because of its capabilities of exporting to eps for integration in LaTeX. Recently, I was challenged with a large dataset contained in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. I wanted to be able to plot various […]

Tool for generating LaTeX tables

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Tables in LaTeX can be difficult to work with, given that LaTeX code is usually treated in an ordinary text editor without spreadsheet capabilities. One solution I have found to be very helpful, is this online LaTeX table generator: You can edit a table directly in your browser, copy and paste from a spreadsheet […]

After an upgrade to WordPress 3.5, I could not add hyperlinks when writing a blog post, nor could a change to the Text editor from the Visual editor. It turns out that my theme, Arjuna X, somehow breaks this functionality. To fix it, see this blog post:

After installing Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, etc. in parallel on my laptop, my Opera browser started misbehaving when logged in using the Ubuntu desktop environment. There was a problem with rendering, including the closing of tabs leaving ghostly after-images, etc.However, it worked fine when using the KDE Plasma environment in Kubuntu. It took me a long […]

After upgrading to Opera 11.11, I found that all my speed dial entries were gone. Opera Link was enabled and working fine but the speed dial entries were not syncing. Whilst this problem apparently can occur after upgrading Opera, it can also happen if you (accidentally) delete the speeddial.ini file. Solution: Open opera:config#OperaSync and set […]

The default phasor angle symbol in LaTeX is obtained by which produces However, to get the bottom leg of the angle symbol to underline the entire quantity you want to take the angle of, you must enable the steinmetz package in the preamble: You can then use the  \phase command to get correct usage of […]

KeePassX is a port of the wellknown Windows password manager KeePass Password Safe. KeePassX is cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and very lightweight. The application is able to store information such as usernames, passwords, urls/links, attachments and comments in one single database. Instead of remembering lots of passwords, you just have to remember one […]

LaTeX in WordPress posts

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You can render LaTeX math expressions in your WordPress blog by installing a plugin such as WP QuickLaTeX. You then place your LaTeX math code in between tags such as or or where you must remove the space at [ math], [ tex], and [ latex] for the plugin to work. The LaTeX code is […]

I recently had a problem with my usually excellent Dropbox. Particular files, such as KeepassX files (*.kdb), BibTeX files (*.bib), and MS Office files (*.xls, *.doc) would not upload from my Ubuntu machine at home. On my other three machines at work running Ubuntu, Windows, and Mac OS X, everything runs smoothly. At first, I […]

Argument of max/min in LaTeX

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In LaTeX, you can combine the commands to write argument of max/min equations. However, adding a subscript to your \max or \min will place the subscript under \max or \min only, not under argmax or argmin as a whole. To fix this, use the amsmath package and define a new command like this in the […]