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When you drag and drop or copy and paste an image into your PowerPoint presentation, Impress only makes a symbolic link to the image file on your hard drive instead of making a hard copy of the actual image. This is good for keeping the size of the ppt file small but becomes disastrous if you transfer your ppt file to another computer for viewing. In the latter case, your presentation will show up with its images missing and replaced by red crosses that indicate broken links!

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After upgrading to OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, I discovered that OS X now has built-in support for Microsoft Exchange 2007. This means there is no need to use a slow web interface or buy MS Office for Mac anymore! You can now use Mail, iCal, and Address Book instead. After entering my employer’s exchange […]

Rip and shrink copy-protected DVDs

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When you buy a DVD movie at the shop you would like the opportunity to back it up. However, due to the built-in copy protection, this might not be a simple task if you do not have Ubuntu with k9copy and K3b installed. k9copy is able to break the copy protection and make a DVD […]

A common problem with viruses is that they are often extremely difficult to remove. Most of the time, you easily understand that there is something strange about your Windows box (apart from the usual Windows behaviour, that is :D) , so you run a virus scan and indeed, confirm your worry that you have been […]

After having used VirtualBox for a while, the actual size of your virtual disk image (VDI) may have grown to become very close to the virtual size. That is, even if your guest machine system reports that it only uses a small amount of disk space, its VDI image filesize is considerably larger. In general, […]