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Veusz: Scientific plots and graphs

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I have tried various tools for making scientific plots and graphs in my papers and have almost exclusively used Matlab, mainly because of its capabilities of exporting to eps for integration in LaTeX. Recently, I was challenged with a large dataset contained in a LibreOffice Calc spreadsheet. I wanted to be able to plot various […]

To make professionally-looking diagrams without getting expensive software you might want to checkout Inkscape, which is a free and open source scalable vector graphics editor available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Being vector graphics, the actual diagrams, shapes, and objects that you create¬† are resolution-independent. This is perfect for publishing as you can […]

Batch convert EPS to PDF

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In Mac OS X, the application Preview will automatically open your EPS files as PDFs and offer you to save it as PDF when you are done. However, sometimes it does not manage to convert to PDF properly. You may then resort to the command ps2pdf. To batch convert several EPS files in your current […]

To export Simulink models/block diagrams to eps or other image formats is easy. First, open your model. Next, use the print function to export to other formats (note the letter ‘s’ that must precede the model name, which is entered without the ‘.mdl’ postfix): For example, to export simmodel.mdl to eps with a resolution of […]