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Opera Unite (release 10 beta) is the latest version of the Opera browser (stable release 9.64). It integrates a web server tool, which allows you to share content on your computer directly instead of uploading to (sometimes costly) remote servers. The Unite API is available and users are encouraged to write their own applications. Opera […]

Dropbox is a program for syncing directories and files across your computers. When you add or remove something on one computer, the changes are updated to all your other computers. This way you always have the latest version of your files both a work and at home. Moreover, a web interface allows you to access […]

Free online chess at FICS

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If you are tired of playing chess against your computer and/or do not have many friends who can or want to play chess, you may want to check out online chess. Perhaps the most popular free online chess provider is the Free Internet Chess Server (FICS). Logging on to one of their servers, you can […]