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The default phasor angle symbol in LaTeX is obtained by which produces However, to get the bottom leg of the angle symbol to underline the entire quantity you want to take the angle of, you must enable the steinmetz package in the preamble: You can then use the  \phase command to get correct usage of […]

LaTeX in WordPress posts

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You can render LaTeX math expressions in your WordPress blog by installing a plugin such as WP QuickLaTeX. You then place your LaTeX math code in between tags such as or or where you must remove the space at [ math], [ tex], and [ latex] for the plugin to work. The LaTeX code is […]

Argument of max/min in LaTeX

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In LaTeX, you can combine the commands to write argument of max/min equations. However, adding a subscript to your \max or \min will place the subscript under \max or \min only, not under argmax or argmin as a whole. To fix this, use the amsmath package and define a new command like this in the […]

There are a few reasons you may need to add a style (*.sty) file to your LaTeX distribution manually instead of using the repositories. First, you may have obtained a newer version than the one that exists in the repos. Second, the style file may not even exist in the repos. The following works for […]

It would be nice to have a simple way of including Matlab source code in LaTeX documents. Fortunately, Florian Knorn has made an excellent solution with his LaTeX style-file (.sty), which can be downloaded (mcode.sty) at MATLAB Central. You may want to open mcode.sty in a text editor for details on its usage. Basically, what […]