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After installing Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, etc. in parallel on my laptop, my Opera browser started misbehaving when logged in using the Ubuntu desktop environment. There was a problem with rendering, including the closing of tabs leaving ghostly after-images, etc.However, it worked fine when using the KDE Plasma environment in Kubuntu. It took me a long […]

After upgrading to Opera 11.11, I found that all my speed dial entries were gone. Opera Link was enabled and working fine but the speed dial entries were not syncing. Whilst this problem apparently can occur after upgrading Opera, it can also happen if you (accidentally) delete the speeddial.ini file. Solution: Open opera:config#OperaSync and set […]

Opera Unite (release 10 beta) is the latest version of the Opera browser (stable release 9.64). It integrates a web server tool, which allows you to share content on your computer directly instead of uploading to (sometimes costly) remote servers. The Unite API is available and users are encouraged to write their own applications. Opera […]

The scrollbar in Opera is hard to discriminate against its background. One possible option is to increase the contrast by changing the scrollbar background to a darker colour or theme, for example the same background used for the pagebar background. The following steps show how to do it: As root, open the zip-file containing your […]

Updated 2 September 2008:To change the background of the Speed Dial tab in Opera 9.50, you need to do the following: Go to¬†Tools –> Appearance –> Skin to find out which skin you are using. If it says Opera Standard, you are using the default skin, otherwise, you are using a downloaded skin. Note the […]

By default, Opera 9.50 comes with 9 speed dials when you open a new tab. However, you may have a screen size and resolution that would accomodate more speed dials. For example, to get 4 x 3 speed dials, do the following: Go to Help → About Opera and note the path of your main […]

A common problem with viruses is that they are often extremely difficult to remove. Most of the time, you easily understand that there is something strange about your Windows box (apart from the usual Windows behaviour, that is :D) , so you run a virus scan and indeed, confirm your worry that you have been […]